We're patient-first, a non-profit, and in the fight against chronic disease.

WE Are:


Improving the health of low-income Americans with diabetes and heart disease, by scaling health coaching to those who need it most.


How We Do It

We believe in the power of people to drive lifestyle changes and better outcomes.

Our tech-enabled platform allows health coaches to reach patients where they are every day - on their phones.

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Our Impact

Medicaid pays billions of dollars a year on treating downstream effects of diabetes and heart disease.

But these conditions are reversible. Health coaching has shown sustained improvements in health outcomes specifically in low-income populations.



Dollars Raised

Supported by philanthropy to drive a patient-first and outcomes-first model.



Patients in our pilot

We are partnering with a community clinic to pilot remote health coaching and show its efficacy.



Women whose lives we can change

Over 5 million people face diabetes or heart disease and receive care through Medicaid. They don’t have access to other health coaching services that are available to those with employer-based insurance.